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Content Is Still King

And high-quality video is the king of content. Video is not an “add-on” to your content marketing strategy – the need for businesses to constantly engage their audience makes it essential. The video landscape is noisy and competitive, so every video you create should have a purpose, a means of fulfilling that purpose, and a way to measure its success. We help you get there – every step of the way.



Of marketers say video content has the best ROI


Increase in click-through rates using video


as many consumers prefer to watch than read


(yes, Trillion) minutes of video cross the internet each month

Video makes up 82% of all internet traffic. Shouldn’t yours stand out?

A full-service video production agency

The top of the virtual food chain

Video stimulates multiple senses. It makes information easy for your customers to consume. It’s great for storytelling. It’s a perfect fit for social media. And better video production equals better video leading to better results, including revenue. Simply put, marketers love great video because it works.

Leave it to the Pros

There are some wonderful free tools for creating video content, including the phone in your pocket which probably shoots 4K. Some may understand the concept of editing video, or have some video experience. But the most effective video also has a great concept and script, professionally captured video and audio, on-brand and consistent graphics or animation, purposeful sound design, and a beautiful color grade. Your video content deserves to be created by people who can take the production to the next level.


Our Productions Share These Key Elements

  • Engaging

    Centering your video around a compelling story, rather than a hard sell, is a great way to create share-worthy content. This approach allows customers to focus on the value they receive from your products and services.

  • Clear

    It’s very tempting to cram everything into one video, especially when trying to reach a large audience. Viewers only budget a finite amount of attention to a piece of content, so you risk them glazing over a video or clicking away. Short, to-the-point content with a single, clear message is most effective.

  • Strategic

    Chances are you’re already working on a multifaceted and customized distribution plan to expand the efforts of your video content. Your videos need to keep the marketing strategy in mind from conception through completion to maximize reach.

  • Authentic

    Your videos should feel like you. They should speak in your authentic voice to the emotions of your customers. Are you heartfelt, passionate, resolute, informational? Consumers invest in branded video with which they connect.

  • High Quality

    The average consumer is savvy enough to point out (and be turned off by) poorly-produced content. The most effective videos combine the above elements and look/sound/feel amazing. High quality video content makes you look like an industry leader.

Consistent, High-Quality Video Marketing Works

Consumers may not be able to put their finger on the difference, but we can. Excellence in every step from conception through post-production guarantees a more positive viewing experience. Creating a series with consistent themes and elements builds your brand authority and has your customers waiting on your next release.


What Our Clients Say

  • Working with Advance Creative is like working with an extension of your internal team. They truly listen to your goals and they intuitively understand how best to accomplish them through whatever medium is needed. We have worked with them extensively on creating video segments and have been overwhelmingly pleased with the results. They are eager to receive feedback and have an extraordinary way of bringing what you’re thinking into the final product. It’s one of the best vendor relationships we have in our department.
    Rob DeMartini
    Marketing Director // Armanino LLP
  • I've come to Advance Creative for nearly every marketing piece I do for all of my companies. There are a number of great free resources for creating video but I usually end up giving up and calling Advance to get it done right.
    Paul Pluschkell
    Founder // InnoStreams
  • Advance Creative's powerful video has become our most powerful marketing tool for demonstrating value to potential customers.
    Hans Hartvickson
    Co-Founder // AIW Camp
  • Advance Creative is a joy to work with. Their investment in truly understanding our business, our culture and our people makes them feel as though they are actually members of our organization. They have an incredible knack for taking a general idea or concept and turning it into an end product that not only achieves our goals, but exceeds our expectations. We have worked with Advance Creative on a number of videos and they are always very timely, communicative and put us, the client, first.
    Kevin Turco
    Senior Manager // Armanino LLP

A few types of content our clients find most effective

Varying the types of video content allows you to continually engage your customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Please view our showreel or portfolio for our best examples of each style.


Introduce Yourself

Tell your brand story. Highlight core values. Show them your company is unique.

Pre-Roll Ad

:15 :30 :60 :90

Identify an intent to purchase and improve brand recall. Online video advertisements have the highest click-through rate (CTR) than all other digital ad formats.


Teach Something

Establish expertness or thought-leadership. Provide useful information. Take advantage of popular search terms from customers (like “how to…”).


Show The Goods

Consumers rely on product overview videos to help them buy. They become more confident in purchasing a product or service and they’re more likely to share a product video than other marketing content.

Live Stream

Get 10 Times The Engagement

Live streaming your events, webinars, town halls, or trainings gives viewers a chance to be in the moment with you. Customers don’t want to miss out so they’re much more engaged in live broadcasts than other types of video.

Company / Culture

Humanize Your Brand

Consumers love good products that come from good places. When you show the face behind your business (office tour, slice-of-life employee interview, company outing, etc.) you inspire an emotional response and customers are more willing to become brand advocates.


Inspire Trust

Consumers are more likely to trust somebody else talking up your company. Your happy customers are eager to share their satisfaction with your products and services.


Convert and Retain

You’ve caught your customers’ attention, but you need to keep it. Webinars or vlogs do a way better job than text or images in creating long-term customer loyalty. Live streaming a high-quality webinar and later distributing an edited version is a fantastic one-two punch.


Celebrate Broadly

You can easily bring the fun of any event to employees or customers who couldn’t be there in person. Going a notch further to LIVE STREAM your event hooks viewers for the same reasons we constantly check for social updates.


Help Your Campaign Succeed

Kickstarter campaigns with video succeed significantly more often than those without. It’s no coincidence that the most successful campaigns also have the best video.